So my name is Guido Segers. I like writing, music, games, sports, Justina and my cat(s). I wanted to write to you about my life and things that matter to me. You should read my ‘Hello World!‘ post to get more of an insight in that.

You can also find me on social media, like twitter, facebook, linkedin and more. I’ll be happy to connect.


Everything I write is my own writing. I try to always mention sources when it isn’t. When I use images I try to always mention the source and link it through its original URL instead of uploading it myself, so the origin is always visible in the code.

When I share images or mention your organisation/blog/ brand/etc. I am usually positive. I’ll glady remove it if it causes you problems. Please just contact me (don’t be  a dick about it).

Like everything, if you feel I misused something or not mentioned you as a source properly, let me know and I’ll change it or remove it. Ask me friendly and I’ll gladly do what I can for you. Just don’t be a dick and threaten me.