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Underground Sounds: Eternal Valley – The Falling Light

Label: Heavy Gloom Productions
Band: Eternal Valley
Origin: United States

A band like Eternal Valley, manages to clash two things together into successful pulp. Take a big barrel of dungeon synth and simply drop some pitch black metal in the middle. That’s what Orszar, the sole member of the group, must have thought. The weird contrast between tranquility and violence is peculiar to ‘The Falling Light’.

Orszar has been steadily making music under this moniker, next to Right To Die and Grimfvck. Since 2012 he has managed to spew forth a stunning amount of 6 albums, next to some other releases. That makes the project quite prolific.

The storm rages at the center of tranquility on the track ‘The Passing of Golden Skies’. Eerie ambient trickles calmly as heavily compressed black metal drums emerge in the middle of the musical fog to pound relentlessly and creep onwards. The sound never gains full force and keeps feeling like blackness at the core, with typical tormented vocals howling defiance in unearthly grunts and barks.The droning synths always seem to embrace the sound, similarly on the more sober and melancholic ‘The Awakening of Autumn Storms’.

Things appear to intensify later on the album, with the violent ‘Remnants…’ for example. The vocals are a furious roar here, while the whole battering and ramming just plough onward, with catchy, venomous riffs. When ‘The Wandering Winds’  comes around, we fall back into atmospheric parts, which pluck the old heartstrings. It’s a bit schizophrenic almost, how this band offers atmospheric black metal with that brisk undercurrent of something barely contained. From the lengthy ‘Adrift…’ onto the title track, both are there. ‘The Last Sunset’ then forms a sad and forlorn outro to an exceptional record.